Course Offerings 2016-2017

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Course #
Course Name
Fall ANTH 2 Human Origins Beasley, Melanie
Fall ANTH 21  Race and Racisms (DEI course) Klimova, Julia
Fall ANTH 23  Debating Multiculturalism (DEI course) Stewart, Alexander
Fall ANTH 23  Debating Multiculturalism (DEI course) Itzahk, Nofit
Fall ANTH 101 Foundations/Social Complexity Goldstein, Paul S. 
Fall ANTH 196A Thesis Research Semendeferi, Katerina
Fall ANAR 100 Special Topics in Anthropological Archaeology Somerville, Andrew
Fall ANAR 144 Introduction to Egyptology Braswell, Geoffrey E. 
Fall ANBI 120 The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Other Ethical Dilemmas Schoeninger, Margaret
Fall ANBI 141 Evolution of Human Diet Schoeninger, Margaret
Fall ANBI 148 Not by Genes Alone: Evolution, Behavior, and Ecology LaFleur, Marni
Fall ANBI 159 Biological and Cultural Perspectives on Intelligence  Beasley, Melanie
Fall ANSC 118 Language and Culture Haviland, John B. 
Fall ANSC 121 Psychological Anthropology Itzahk, Nofit
Fall ANSC 131 Language, Law, and Social Justice Haviland, John B.
Fall ANSC 155 Humanitarian Aid: What Is It Good For? Varma, Saiba
Fall ANSC 159 The Anthropology of Marriage Brenner, Suzanne A.
Fall ANSC 176 The Meaning of Political Violence  Pedersen, David E.
Fall ANSC 180 Labor’s Relations Calibri (Body)
Fall ANSC 181 Animal Affairs Hankins, Joseph
Fall MMW 11 Pre-history and Ancient Foundations Jordan, David
Winter ANTH 1 Global Health and Cultural Diversity Duzel, Esin
Winter ANTH 21 Ethnography in Practice (DEI course) Kang, Dredge
Winter ANTH 23 Brain, Mind, Culture and History (DEI course) Klimova, Julia
Winter ANTH 23 Traditional Chinese Society (DEI course) Duzel, Esin
Winter ANTH 102 Indigenous people of Latin America Beasley, Melanie
Winter ANTH 196B  Global Health: Indigenous Medicines in Latin America Semendeferi, Katerina
Winter ANAR 138 Aging: Culture and Health in Late Life Human Development Algaze, Guillermo
Winter ANAR 153 Stable Isotopes in Ecology Braswell, Geoffrey E. 
Winter ANAR 164 Planet of Apes: Evolution and Ecology  Rivera-Collazo, Isabel 
Winter ANAR 184 Advanced Principles of Human  Algaze, Guillermo
Winter ANBI 111 Introduction to Culture Beasley, Melanie
Winter ANBI 133  Race and Racisms LaFleur, Marni
Winter ANBI 146 Debating Multiculturalism Schoeninger, Margaret
Winter ANSC 101 Debating Multiculturalism Parish, Steven
Winter ANSC 106 Humans Are Cultural Animals Olga Lidia, Olivas
Winter ANSC 135 Thesis Research Postero, Nancy
Winter ANSC 136 Mesopotamia: The Emergence of Civilization Jordan, David
Winter ANSC 148 The Mysterious Maya Varma, Saiba
Winter ANSC 173 Maritime Archaeology - Method, Theory and Practice in Global Perspective Postero, Nancy
Winter ANSC 178 The Political Economy of Early Empires Pedersen, David
Spring ANTH 3 Global Archaeology  Levy, Thomas 
Spring ANTH 21 Race and Racisms (DEI course) Garth, Hanna
Spring ANTH 23 Debating Multiculturalism (DEI course) Esin, Duzel
Spring ANTH 23 Debating Multiculturalism (DEI course) Itzhak, Nofit
Spring ANTH 42 Primates in Human-Dominated World Beasley, Melanie
Spring ANTH 103 Sociocultural Anthropology Brenner, Suzanne
Spring ANTH 196C Thesis Research Semendeferi, Katerina
Spring ANAR 124 The Archaeology of Asia Staff
Spring ANAR 143 Archeology, Anthr & the Bible Levy, Thomas
Spring ANAR 165 Marine and Coastal Archaeology and the Biblical Seas Assaf Yasur-Landau
Spring ANAR 180 Archaeology Workshop Goldstein, Paul
Spring ANBI 100 Special Topics in Biological Anthropology Gagneux, Pascal
Spring ANBI 134 Human Evolutionary Genetics  Non, Amy
Spring ANBI 145 Bioarcheology  Beasley, Melanie
Spring ANSC 100 Special Topics in Biological Anthropology Bialecki, Jon
Spring ANSC 124 Cultural Anthropology Bialecki, Jon
Spring ANSC 140 Human Rights II: Contemporary Issues Postero, Nancy
Spring ANSC 146 A Global Health Perspective on HIV  Kang, Dredge
Spring ANSC 147 Global Health and the Environment Parish, Steven
Spring ANSC 151 U.S. – Mexico Border Ethnographies Olga Lidia, Olivas
Spring ANSC 164 Introduction to Medical Anthropology Itzhak, Nofit
Spring ANSC 173 Ethnography in Practice  Hartblay, Cassandra 

Summer Session

Summer Session 1 ANAR 121A Digital Archaeology/GIS Foundations
Summer Session 1 ANBI 143 The Human Skeleton
Summer Session 1 ANSC 105 Global Health and Inequality 
Summer Session 1 ANSC 121 Psychological Anthropology
Summer Session 1 ANSC 122 Language in Society
Summer Session 1 ANSC 125 Gender, Sexuality, And Society 
Summer Session 1 ANTH 2 Human Origins
Summer Session 1 ANTH 21  Race and Racisms (DEI course)
Summer Session 2 ANBI 173 How Monkeys See the World
Summer Session 2 ANSC 165 Contemporary South Asia
Summer Session 2 ANSC 166 Film and Culture in Asia
Summer Session 2 ANTH 21 Race and Racisms  (DEI course)
Summer Session 2 ANTH 23 Debating Multiculturalism: Race, Ethnicity, and Class in American Societies