Major Requirements

The Anthropology major consists of 12 upper division courses (48.0 units). There are no lower division requirements. All courses must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better (effective FA16). 

Please note: Lower division courses can overlap between your major, minor and college requirements. Students may overlap two upper division courses between your major and minor by submitting a request in the VAC.

Students must select one of the following concentrations:

Course Requirements

3 Core Classes

  • ANTH 101: Foundations of Social Complexity (Fall)
  • ANTH 102: Humans Are Cultural Animals (Winter)
  • ANTH 103: Sociocultural Anthropology (Spring)

4 Upper Division Concentration Courses   

  • ArchaeologyANAR courses
  • BiologicalANBI courses
  • Sociocultural: ANSC courses as specified below:
    • Any THREE of the following: ANSC 118, ANSC 120, ANSC 121, ANSC 122, ANSC 123, ANSC 124, ANSC 125
    • ONE ANSC w/region, country or religion focus in addition to above courses.

5 Upper Division Electives


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I read my Degree Audit?

How do I enroll in ANTH 198/199?

How do I double major in Anthropology?

To Double Major in Anthropology you will need to do the following:
  1. Make sure you meet all requirements: Minimum 2.5 GPA, Junior Standing (more than 90 units, less than 135 units)
  2. Complete a Double Major Petition and attach a brief statement of purpose (reason why you are completing 2 majors).
  3. Take your petition to the advisor for each major to review your plan and obtain their signatures.
  4. Submit the petition to your college academic advising office.

For additional information see Declare a Double Major on Blink.


* All lower division courses can count towards both majors. 

* 10 upper division courses must be unique to each major. 

* You can overlap upper division courses if each major has 10 unique courses. (e.g. if art history and anthropology each have 12 upper division requirements, you can overlap 2 courses, since you would still have 10 unique upper division courses for each major)

How do I request pre-authorization to enroll in Anthropology courses?

How do I add the major?

You can apply for Anthropology major at any time by using the Major/Minor tool.

See more: Frequently Asked Questions


Contact an Advisor

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

Stop in during Walk In Advising Hours

Social Science Building Room 210
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For questions regarding your GE and University requirements, please contact your college advisor: