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Next offered September 2012

ANAR 145S: Egypt of the Pharaohs

A Study Abroad Course Offered in Egypt by UCSD

September 8-23, 2012


Study abroad in Egypt! This course examines the ancient pyramids, temples, tombs, art, and history of ancient Egypt. During the 16 days of the course we will visit 36 archaeological sites and four museums that highlight all aspects of ancient civilization.

Highlights include visits to:

  • Camel Rides to distant sites
  • Desert Jeep Safari
  • Bedouin Camping
  • Bazaars & Souks
  • Islamic Cairo

Also enjoy Middle Eastern food and zar music, and learn about the rich 6,000-year history of Egypt!  The goal of this course is for students to gain an understanding of Egyptian archaeology, art history, and history from the Predynastic period through the Roman occupation and Islamic conquest. This is accomplished through direct experience —visiting ancient ruins and studying art and architecture with a UCSD professor. Join us!

Basic Information

Credit: Eight unit, upper division anthropology credit at UCSD. Option of additional four units for a total of 12.

Approximate Cost: University Summer Session tuition (at UC Student, UC Graduate Student, or non-UC rate) for eight to 12 units, Summer Session registration fees, and $2695 in special course fees. Your course fees will cover all ground transportation in Egypt (in private van, sleeper train & jeep), entrance fees to sites and museums (with International Student ID card), hotels, breakfasts, lunches, and introductory/farewell dinners. It also covers some special activities such as desert & oasis safari, and camel excursions. Course fees do not cover airfare and personal costs.

Dates: September 8-23, 2012

Eligibility: Anyone of legal age, including UC undergraduate and graduate students, students of other colleges & universities, and non-students.


Arrive in Cairo, Enjoy a welcome dinner (night: Cairo)
September 9
Saqqaqra & Memphis (night: Cairo)
September 10
Meidum, Dahshur, Abusir, Abu Ghurab (night: Cairo)
September 11
Pyramids of Giza, Egyptian Museum (night: Bahariya Oasis)
September 12
Goden Mummies, Bahariya Oasis, Jeep Safari in Black & White Deserts (night: Bedouin Camping)
September 13
Farafra Oasis, Al Qasr, Dakhla Oasis sites (night: Dakhla Oasis)
September 14
Temples of Dush & Hibis, Qasr Ghweita, I Kharga Oasis sites (night: Kharga Oasis)
September 15 
 Karnak Temple & Reamesseum Temple (night: Luxor)
September 16 Hatshepsut"s Temple, Valley of the Kings, Tombs of Nobles, & Medinat Habu (night: Luxor)
September 17
Abydos & Dendara (night: Luxor)
September 18
Edfu, El Kab Tombs, Silsila, Kom Ombo (night: Aswan)
September 19
Noble Tombs, camels to St. Simeon, Elephantine, Felucca Ride (night:Aswan)
September 20
Kalabasha Temple, Nubian Museum, High Dam, Felucca Rid (night: Abu Simbel) 
September 21 
Obelisk, Sebua, Amada, Abu Simbel Sound & Show (night: Abu Simbel)
September 22
Abu Simbel, Philae Temple (night: Train to Cairo) 
September 23
Optional visit to Khan El Khalili & Ibn Talun Mosque.  Return to California.


More Information

Dr. Geoffrey E. Braswell
Dept. of Anthropology, UCSD
9500 Gilman Drive, MC 0532
La Jolla, CA 92093-0532
858-822-1540 (office)