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Departmental Study Abroad

The Department of Anthropology strongly encourages you to study abroad.Your UCSD Anthropology professors are doing field research and leading study abroad programs in other countries right now. Have a look at their programs you can choose from:

Why study abroad?

Anthropology is the core discipline that studies human culture -- worldwide, past and present, and in all its infinite diversity. Anthropologists work in every corner of the world, and on problems that range from primate behavior to globalization and the nation state. Students considering a career in anthropology, other international or cultural studies, or business and public service owe it to themselves to see worldwide Anthropology firsthand.

Regardless of your future career choice, study abroad in Anthropology will help you develop skills that are critical to a liberal arts education and a new view of the world. If your reason for choosing anthropology as your major is to understand the diversity of social institutions and cultural traditions, what better way to broaden your education than immersing yourself in a foreign culture?

Consider your value to an employer or a graduate program if you’ve:

  1. Participated in a different educational system and gained a new cultural perspective
  2. Increased your proficiency in another language
  3. Improved your critical thinking skills
  4. Expanded your worldview by experiencing another culture firsthand
  5. Developed self-confidence and independence
  6. Prepared for a career in an internationally competitive world
  7. Enhanced résumés and/or applications for graduate school