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Graduate Specialization in Anthropogeny

A transdisciplinary graduate specialization in Anthropogeny is available for Ph.D. students in Anthropology and other disciplines. This specialization is administered through the Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropgeny (CARTA). It provides students an opportunity to specialize in research and education on the origins of humans. Topic areas are:

  • Human and Primate Genetics and Evolution
  • Paleoanthropology and Hominid Origins
  • Mammalian and Primate Neurosciences
  • Primate Biology and Medicine
  • Language and Cognition
  • Nature-Nurture Interactions in Explaining Language and Cognition
  • Human and Primate Society and Culture
  • Comparative Developmental Biology of Primates
  • General Theories for Explaining Humans

For more information, see the Anthropogeny specialization track webpage.

Interdisciplinary Program in the Anthropology of Modern Society

The Anthropology of Modern Society is an interdepartmental project of graduate training and research dedicated to the study of modernity and its counterpoints in the late twentieth century. The Group sees the social life of cities as making manifest this problem in issues of citizenship and democracy, social formations in tension with the nation-state, modern subjectivities, social and religious movements, transnational markets and migrations, and relations of local to global processes. Participants are committed to reorienting anthropological theory and ethnographic practice towards such contemporary social and political problems. Details are available under Comparative Studies in Language, Society, and Culture in the UCSD General Catalog.

Joint Ph.D. Program in Anthropology & Cognitive Science

The Interdisciplinary Degree Program in Cognitive Science offers a joint Ph.D. in the Department of Cognitive Science and a home department. Anthropology is one such department. Students are admitted to UCSD through the home department and fulfill the requirements of both the program and the home department.

Details are also available under the rubric "The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program" in the section on the Department of Cognitive Science in the UCSD General Catalog. (At this time, the department does not have faculty specializing in cognitive anthropology. Students are advised to review this interdisciplinary program very carefully to be sure that UCSD's configuration of opportunities is appropriate to them before applying.)

M.D./Ph.D. Double Degree Program with the School of Medicine

Although it is unusual, some students have pursued M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in a double degree program. Typically two years are spent in the school of medicine; then the student completes an anthropology Ph.D., followed by the remainder of the medical training. More information is available about this program from the UCSD School of Medicine, through which arrangements are typically coordinated.

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