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Anthropology Department Statement on Anti-Black Racism and State Violence

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Standing with our Asian Community Members

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Wellness and Training Resources

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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Anthropology offers undergraduate major and minor programs within three distinct specializations: Archaeology; Biological Anthropology; Sociocultural Anthropology.

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Graduate Program

The Department of Anthropology offers doctoral training anthropology designed to provide the theoretical background and the methodological skills necessary for a career in professional research and teaching anthropology at the university level.

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Support Us

With your support, our remarkable students and colleagues can improve the future for us all. Your gift, no matter how large or small, enables us to better serve the community and a changing world.

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Anthropology is the study of all things human. Let us show you the world.

Anthropology stands at the nexus between the social sciences, biological sciences, and humanities. It is dedicated to understanding the worldwide diversity of social institutions and cultural traditions, past and present, as well as to studying our nearest nonhuman relatives.

The Department offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate courses in archaeology, biological, social, cultural, psychological, political, and linguistic anthropology. Courses include offerings that focus on specific societies or regions of the world—especially Latin America, Asia, and Oceania—as well as more theoretically oriented topics. Students may enroll in archaeological field school and study-abroad programs in the Middle East, Latin America, and Mediterranean. Students will also have opportunities to gain hands on experiences in our research laboratories and special facilities.



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