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Graduate Studies

The Department of Anthropology offers doctoral training in anthropology designed to provide the theoretical background and the methodological skills necessary for a career in professional research and teaching anthropology at the university level, and for the application of anthropological knowledge to contemporary problems.

We offer the following programs:

Despite the small variations in requirements for each program, the only degree title is "Anthropology," and we assume all students will become familiar with a very wide range of anthropological issues and methods. Of course, any department has interests and strengths which are not captured in a list of its requirements. 


Thinking about applying? 

  • Be sure to identify potential advisers and reach out to them to indicate your interest in the program, to ask whether they are accepting new students, and to find out more about your potential fit as mentor and mentee. In your personal statement, you’ll want to describe why these advisers are a good fit considering your research interests. You can read more about our faculty and their research interests on the People link. 
  • Learn about what current and former students’ research focuses on to see whether it is a good fit for your interests. You can read more about our graduate students and their research interests on the People link. Titles of completed Ph.D. dissertations over the years are available on the Doctoral Alumni page.
  • Decide which subfield you will apply to as you will need to include this in your application. Knowing your subfield will help our admissions committee during the review process and will also help you identify mentors and better understand your specific program requirements and coursework.  Note that our subfields are a little different from other anthropology departments. 
  • Review the requirements on our Admissions page. Note that we no longer require the GRE, but we do require the TOEFL for international students for whom English is not your first language. 


Instructional Resources:


For additional questions, please contact:

Graduate Program Coordinator: