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Research Opportunities

Formalized research opportunities carrying academic credit exist in the following courses:


  • ANBI 187A museum internship in biological anthropology
  • ANPR 187B museum internship in ethnology or archaeology
  • ANBI 187B zoo internship in biological anthropology

Other internship possibilities available through AIP.

Other Opportunities

  • ANPR 194  archaeological fieldwork
  • ANPR 197  field studies
  • ANPR 196A-B  Thesis Program
  • ANPR 198  directed group study
  • ANPR 199  directed individual study

From time to time other courses include explicit field research components. In some cases, work-study or other opportunities are available assisting particular faculty members with their research.

If you are interested in research in anthropology, check with the undergraduate adviser or with an individual professor whom you know to have a lab or other research opportunity potentially available.