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Student Aids from Our Department

  1. Professor Moore's website with many links, especially to biological anthropology materials.
  2. Index to student aids on Professor Jordan's web site, including materials on term paper writing, archaeology, China, and Mesoamerica.

Anthropology Portals and Jump Sites

  1. Anthrotech WWW Virtual Library
  2. Anthropology of Religion jump site
  3. A jump site for associations dedicated to subfields of sociocultural anthropology called Theory in Anthropology assembled by students at Indiana University as a class project
  4. The Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing at the University of Kent offers a range of resources, including links to on-line anthropology exhibits and an anthropology bibliography database.

Job Listings in Anthropology for MA, PhD Degree Holders

(This page is devoted to careers in anthropology. It therefore does not discuss part-time or temporary employment such as GSR and TA positions. Please see the campus-wide Academic Employment Opportunities for UCSD Students for information about TA and GSR work. Check the general Graduate Division site at for postdoc and other miscellaneous academic positions on our campus.)

  1. Office of Graduate Studies and Research (Job listings for academic careers.)
  2. American Anthropological Association
  3. American Association of Physical Anthropologists
  4. Society of Research Administrators
  5. Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (Southern California)
  6. Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (Northern California)
  7. AnthroTECH specializes in web page design and development for anthropology.