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Adjunct Professors & Lecturers

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  • Jon Bialecki

    Jon Bialecki

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC San Diego

    Research Interests: Anthropology of North America, Anthropological Study of Christianity, Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity, Anthropology of Mormonism, Science and Religion. Sociocultural anthropology, anthropology of religion, anthropological theories of subject and self, anthropology of temporality, political anthropology, politics and religion, political theology, language ideology, linguistic anthropology, anthropological theory, anthropology and ontology, continental psychoanalytic theory.


  • Jana Fortier

    Jana Fortier

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

    Research interests: Archaeology of Asia, pre-agricultural foraging societies, cultural resilience, identity and ethnicity, traditional and folk arts, ethnobotany, museum studies, theories of nature/culture, nomadism, biocultural diversity, endangered societies, South Asia, Western North America.

  • Branka Hrvoj Mihic

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC San Diego

  • Olga L. Olivas Hernandez

    Olga L. Olivas Hernandez

    Affifilated Lecturer
    Ph.D. Social Sciences with emphasis in Social Anthropology, El Centro de Investigación y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS)

  • Ian W. N. Jones

    Ian W. N. Jones


    Ph.D in Anthropology, UC San Diego

    Research interests: Archaeology of the medieval Middle East, Levantine archaeology, digital/cyber-archaeology, human-environment interactions, labor, production systems, copper production, sugar production, rural/village life, political economy, mineral resource exploitation, social archaeology, ceramics

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  • Alex Stewart

    Alex Stewart

    Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC San Diego

    Research Interests: Islamic revival, ethnic identity in modern China, multiculturalism, cultural anthropology, East Asian societies, Chinese American culture, anthropology of religion, transnational identities.