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Biological Anthropology Labs

Human Comparative Neuroanatomy Laboratory

For more information about the Human Comparative Neuroanatomy Laboratory, please contact Dr. Semendeferi.

Genetic Anthropology Laboratory

The genetic anthropology lab includes general genetic anthropology lab equipment, for the purpose of extracting, amplifying, and sequencing DNA to answer questions of anthropological interest. The lab also contains a Pyromark Q24 and all accessory equipment for the primary purpose of assaying DNA methylation levels. Pyrosequencing is a technique which enables sensitive quantification of methylation status at individual nucleotides, though the technique can also be used for other purposes, eg. genotyping, obtaining ploidy levels, and mixed genotypes in heterogeneous samples (e.g. tumor and normal cells).

For more information, contact Dr. Amy Non.

Location: Social Science Research Building 339 (SSRB 339)

Evolutionary Glycobiology Lab

The Evolutionary Glycobiology Lab is located on the fourth floor of the Biomedical research Building II (BRFII) in the UCSD Medical school. It is equipped for the study of glycan molecules: the oligo-and polysaccharides attached to cell surfaces, forming the glycocalyx (sugar coat), and abundant constituents of extracellular matrices, and secretions. The laboratory is equipped for analyses at multiple levels of biological organization ranging from molecules, to cells, tissues, including tissue culture, and whole organisms. The equipment allows quantification of glycan composition and the study of protein-glycan binding using custom printed glycan arrays as well as the measurement of gene products (proteins involved in synthesis and/or recognition of glycans).

For more information, contact Dr. Pascal Gagneux
Location: Biomedical research Building II (BRFII) space 4217. (BRFII 4217)