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You may be surprised at how relevant Anthropology is to today's world and see the numerous opportunities for Anthropology Majors.  For more information on careers in Anthropology, please schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Career Center. The Career Center also has a Social Science Career Page for Social Science majors. You can also look at the UCSD Academic Enrichment Programs which empowers undergraduates seeking to become integrated with the UC San Diego research community with the skills to be successful in a post-baccalaureate career.

Anthropology has changed with the times. Today it includes...


  • Account Manager

  • Business Operational Manager

  • Market Researcher

  • Business Developer


  • International Development

  • Cultural Resource Management

  • Museum Manager


  • Higher Education Professor

  • Academic Researcher

  • Graduate School

  • Teacher


  • Demographic Researcher

  • Product Manger

  • Therapist


  • User Experience Researcher

  • Cyber Archaeologist

Sources: American Anthropological Association, One Day One Job Career Explorer, Google Career and UC San Diego Anthropology Alumni Survey

Here are some of the companies that employ Anthropology majors to name a few...

Sources: Individual company’s career/job website

A student with a degree in Anthropology can work anywhere in the world - domestic or international 

Fun Facts

Don't quote us. Quote our alumni.

"Studying cultures and demographics has been helpful in emphasizing my multicultural experience, and in relating to others in the workforce." - UC San Diego Alumni

"The training in theory and the analytic skills developed allowed me to surpass fellow employees to climb the ladder to management where I could really make a difference in cultural resource management." - UC San Diego Alumni

"The principles have been widely applicable. All jobs involve working with others, and Anthropology provides a better understanding of other people." - UC San Diego Alumni

"I use constructs of anthropology to inform the different groups of people we work with, reframing culture as patients with a particular disease, or groups of early career physicians." - UC San Diego Alumni

"I have learned all of the skills that a student of undergraduate Computer Science would have on the job and by building a portfolio but now have the advantage of being able to take these skills to any market around the world. I find that having a background in anthropology helps me with logic and critical thinking. I understand people more, and am able to work well with others because of my studies. I find myself more flexible and willing to do all sorts of work." - UC San Diego Alumni

Sources: UC San Diego Anthropology Alumni Survey

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