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Anthropology - Global Concentration Requirements


*A course can only be used to satisfy one of the requirements below.


Concentration Requirements:

Requirement 1: A minimum of eight units earned through study abroad, of which a minimum of
four units would count towards the major
These units may be earned through the Education Abroad Program, Opportunities Abroad Program or
Global Seminars, and must have academic transcripts. Students petition to have courses counted towards
their Global Concentration when they return from study abroad, just as they would petition to have
courses count towards their major or minor. UC San Diego Global Seminars constitute eight units, and
fulfill this criterion without the need for petition.

Requirement 2: Demonstration of proficiency in a second language through the fourth quarter of
university-level instruction, or its equivalent.
Global Concentrations at UC San Diego require second language proficiency.

Requirement 3: A minimum of two courses with department-identified global content
The following anthropology classes are approved global content courses. 


Anthropology: (ANTH)

  • ANTH 1: Introduction to Culture
  • ANTH 3. Global Archaeology
  • ANTH 4. Words and Worlds: Introduction to the Anthropology of Language
  • ANTH 21: Race and Racism
  • ANTH 24. Mapping Capitalism
  • ANTH 45. Wisdom and Ecstasy
  • ANTH 103. Intro to Sociocultural Anthropology
  • ANTH 108. Indigenous Peoples, Extractive Development, and Climate Change
  • ANTH 109. Climate Change, Cultural Heritage, and Vulnerability 
  • ANTH 111. Religion and Ecology: How Religion Matters in the Anthropocene

Anthropology: Archaeology (ANAR)

  • ANAR 118. Archaeology of the UC San Diego Campus
  • ANAR 124. Archaeology of Asia
  • ANAR 135S. Ancient Mediterranean Civilization
  • ANAR 138. Mesopatamia: The Emergence of Civilization 
  • ANAR 143. Biblical Archaeology - Fact or Fiction
  • ANAR 144. Pharoahs, Mummies, and Pyramids: Introduction to Egyptology 
  • ANAR 145S. Study Abroad: Egypt of the Pharoahs 
  • ANAR 153. The Mysterious Maya
  • ANAR 154. The Aztecs and their Ancestors 
  • ANAR 155S. Study Abroad: Ancient Mesoamerica 
  • ANAR 156. The Archaeology of South America 
  • ANAR 157. Early Empires of the Andes: The Middle Horizon
  • ANAR 157S. Early Empires of the Andes: The Middle Horizon
  • ANAR 158. The Inca: Empire of the Andes 

Anthropology: Sociocultural Anthropology (ANSC)

  • ANSC 106. Global Health: Indigenous Medicines in Latin America 
  • ANSC 106S. Study Abroad - Global Health: Indigenous Medicine in Latin America 
  • ANSC 130. Hinduism
  • ANSC 135. Indigenous Peoples of Latin America 
  • ANSC 136. Traditional Chinese Society 
  • ANSC 137. Chinese Popular Religion
  • ANSC 142. Anthropology of Latin America 
  • ANSC 145. Indigenous Peoples of Latin America 
  • ANSC 165. Contemporary South Asia
  • ANSC 166. Film and Culture in Asia
  • ANSC 190GS. Medicine and Healing in South Asia
  • ANSC 191GS. Everyday Life in South Asia: Beyond the Clichés