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Anthropology students are encouraged to study abroad during their time at UC San Diego, however it is not required for the major or minor. Students may earn academic credit while participating in department study abroad programs, UC Education Abroad Programs (UCEAP), UC San Diego Global Seminars or Opportunities Abroad Programs (OAP).

All courses applied towards Anthropology requirements must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better and be at least 4.0 units. 

  • A maximum of four courses can be petitioned for credit toward the major.
  • A maximum of two courses can be petitioned for credit toward the minor.


Anthropology Department

Department Study Abroad and Field Schools

  • Participate in a program offered by an Anthropology faculty member.
  • Programs are hosted by Anthropology Department
  • Academic credits earned are UC units and will factor in to your UC GPA.

UCEAP (UC Education Abroad Program)

  • UC systemwide program; students from all UC campuses attend with you
  • Programs are hosted by the UC system
  • Academic credits earned are UC units and will factor in to your UC GPA 
Global Seminars

UC San Diego Global Seminars

  • UC San Diego's own faculty-led Summer Session programs abroad
  • Two UCSD courses taught (in English) by UCSD faculty
  • Academic credits earned are UC units and will factor in to your UC GPA
OAP OAP (Opportunities Abroad Program)
  • Study through UCSD affiliated progam partners, another US institution's program abroad, or direct-enroll in a university abroad
  • Academic credits earned will be posted to your Academic History as Transfer units


Visit the UC San Diego Study Abroad Office for more study abroad information and opportunities!

Planning Recommendations

Step 1:




Start your research early! Check out the Getting Started resources and watch the First Steps video or attend an information session provided by the Study Abroad office. Log into TritonsAbroad to identify your study abroad goals and identify locations and programs of interest. For more information, check out the events and deadlines!


Step 2:



Meet with a your Advisors! Meet with a study abroad advisor if you have questions about the programs.  You will also need to speak with your major advisor to recieve pre-approval for the courses to count towards your degree requirements prior to departure.


Step 3:



When you return...  Once your grades have been posted to your UC San Diego Academic History...

If you have received pre-approval for the course you may send us a message in the VAC to let us know the course is now on your academic history and ask to have the course complete your major or minor requirements (include course number, title and which requirement it will complete).

If you have not received pre-approval, please submit an online petition request.  

Why Study Abroad?

  • Participate in a different educational system and gain a new cultural perspective
  • Increase your proficiency in another language
  • Improve your critical thinking skills
  • Expand your worldview by experiencing another culture firsthand
  • Develop self-confidence and independence
  • Prepare for a career in an internationally competitive world
  • Enhance your résumé and/or applications for graduate school

Student Testimonies: 

From Alyssa: During the Summer of 2023 I attended a 5 week field school specializing in bioarchaeology set in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, called Transylvania Bioarchaeology. At this field school I was able to excavate Medieval Dacian burials, learn about the ethics of bioarchaeology, funerary archaeology, trauma, paleopathology, aging and sexing skeletons, and more, and apply what I was taught on skeletons previously excavated from the site. On top of the bioarchaeology, the field school includes a field trip so students can travel through the Carpathian Mountains to visit famous landmarks such as Peles Castle, and learn about the history of Romania. It was a rewarding experience that solidified my choice to pursue bioarchaeology. Participated in the Transylvania Bioarchaeology Field School

Had a great experience on Study Abroad? Contact and tell us all about it!