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Travel and Reimbursement

The University will reimburse faculty, staff, students, and non-UCSD travelers for allowable expenses incurred when traveling on official University business. Please follow steps below.

Before You Travel

For Faculty and Students:

  1. Contact Debbie Kelly via or Sophia Sylvestri via or in person to set up a trip by providing trip information, dates, index number and name of event.
  2. All travelers should Enroll in UC Trip Insurance. 
  3. Review UCSD Travel Policy Highlights.
  4. Due to switching over to new travel and financial systems you are REQUIRED to set individuals as delegates for any travel. Listed below are the instructions; travel requests cannot be completed without this step:

- Under Business Tools go to Concur Travel & Expense and click on it,
- Once you sign in this should prompt a Login Warning to click on UPDATE YOUR PROFILE. Once logged in fill out all the personal info name, address, travel info etc..then Save
- Go to the left side bar under Request Settings – go to Request Delegates – click Add – easiest way is to put the email address of the person to add as delegate, one at a time in search box, which would be,, keep your mouse in the field you entered the email address in and hit enter and below our info should appear- click on our info, select all items we are delegated to do on your behalf, which is Can Prepare, Can Submit Reports, Can Submit Requests, Can View Receipts, Can Receive Emails and then hit add at the top of page (blue button) then Save. Then repeat with the next person to Add and then Save as a delegate on your behalf.

For Students:

  1. Complete the UCSD Student Certification for Business-Related Travel form. Be sure to check the first box "Directly supports the faculty/PI project or research program" or the second box "Presenting at a conference." If second box is checked, attach a copy of the program listing your name and UCSD. Obtain your faculty advisor's signature.
  2. Complete the Field Operational Planner for your trip:
  • Urban Domestic Field Trips or Undergraduate Student Travel –   Online form
  • International Trips, Trips to Remote Areas, and/or trips involving special hazards (i.e. environmental, chemical, mechanical, etc.)    Word doc |  PDF

It must be submitted one month prior to your trip! Make sure your safety coordinator and department administrator have a copy of your plan before you go.

Please send a copy of your plan to an EH&S Field Safety coordinator for review. When a plan is submitted, the Field Safety coordinator will make recommendations for organizing a safe and productive trip.

Contact an EH&S Field Safety coordinator:

Research trips  (858) 534-7651 Mail Code: 0089
Non-research trips  (858) 534-6027 Mail Code: 0920
Risk Management/Insurance  (858) 534-3820 Mail Code: 0925

After You Travel

All receipts must be submitted before the payment will be authorized. All travel receipts are due within 14 days of trip completion.  Original receipts or electronic submissions are acceptable.


Reimbursements for Events, Honorarium and Other

Due to the revised UCOP Major Events Policy from Fall of 2017, department can no longer allow alcoholic beverages to be included as reimbursement or direct charge from any of the food outlet on UCSD property without 21 day prior approval from Academic Affairs.  This means the department need to be notified that there is an intention to purchase alcohol for any meetings or events prior to Academic Affairs 21 Day deadline in order for us to submit a request for review and approval.  Please contact Nancy Lee or Debra Kelly to submit request.  

Before the Event

  1. A W-9 is required to set up any new payees in the UC system. It is always required for outside visitors receiving honorarium. If you have already received reimbursements in the past then W-9 form is not needed.
  2. Create a sign in sheet with attendees and there affiation for the event. 

After the Event

  1. Submit sign in sheet with attendees and there affiliation for the event. 
  2. Submit all itemized receipts.
  3. Fill Event Reimbursement Form and send to Debbie Kelly via email or in person.


UCSD Dining Direct charge


Please complete a food/beverage recharge form and submit to Debbie Kelly via email or in person.