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Administrative Resources

This page is designed to serve as a place for Anthropology faculty and graduate students to come for resources and support.

General Resources

Who should I contact for...

Staff Member Responsibilities

Courtney Nunez

Chief Administrative Officer

Management of departmental administrative functions including finance and budget, human resources, facilities and staff supervision.

Debbie Kelly

Administrative Assistant

Handles travel, reimbursements, facilities and general department issues, department safety coordinator.

Anita Wu 

Academic Personnel 

Academic Personnel (reviews, appointments, recruitment); human resources for academic (Faculty and researchers), staff, and undergraduate student employees. Department DSA.

Anisa Gouveia

Academic Human Resources

Analyst & DSA

Provides services to faculty, temporary lecturers, and other academic positions in the scope of academic personnel. Provides service in human resources such as payroll, timekeeping, and hiring. Also serves as DSA.  

Veri Chavarin

Graduate Coordinator

Manages all aspects of the Ph.D. program, including admissions, TA and reader appointments, advancements, graduate support and scholarship awards.

Undergraduate Advisors

Advise students on program requirements, petitions and academic progress. Provide instructional support such as eCourse requests, OSD exams, desk copies, etc.

Student Workers

Provide overall support for the department. Front desk reception for walk-in guests and phone calls.

Social Sciences Computing Facilities (SSCF)

For desktop assistance, advice on equipment, etc., email Social Science Computing Facility (SSCF).


If you have an urgent facilities emergency you can contact Facilities management at (858) 534 - 2930.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a unique userid and password that authenticates identity and access rights and allows entry to a set of campus business systems/features including At Your Service (benefits), MyFunds (financial reports), Marketplace (purchasing), and TritonLink (student & course data).

New or Re-hired Employeesself-register for an account.

Current Employees: change your password or contact if your account isn't working.

Room Reservations

Room Reservation Procedures

For Department Space Reservations:

The Department of Anthropology can reserve the following rooms (based upon availability):

  • Spiro Library (SSB 269) - Capacity: 20
  • SSB 102 - Capacity: 30

The Department of Anthropology can also request rooms in the Dean's Office (upon approval):

  • PEB 520 - Capacity: 24
  • PEB 721 - Capacity: 60
  • PEB 906 - Capacity: 20

To check the availability for SSB 269 and SSB 102, please review the calendars below.

To request department spaces or Dean's office spaces please fill out our Google form

Once the request for a space has been approved, the event/meeting intake form will need to be filled out.  Our department will fill out these forms on your behalf once your room request has been approved.  After the event intake form is approved by campus, our department can assist with any further planning for your event.


For Course Related Reservations:

Please contact

We will contact the registrar's office on your behalf to reserve space on campus.

Please include the following in your request:

Date, Time, Room size needed, Course number and Reason for request (e.g. course review session)

Calendars: SSB 102 & SSB 269



Reimbursements for Events, Honorarium and Other

Due to the revised UCOP Major Events Policy from Fall of 2017, department can no longer allow alcoholic beverages to be included as reimbursement or direct charge from any of the food outlet on UCSD property without 21 day prior approval from Academic Affairs.  This means the department need to be notified that there is an intention to purchase alcohol for any meetings or events prior to Academic Affairs 21 Day deadline in order for us to submit a request for review and approval.  Please contact Nancy Lee or Debra Kelly to submit request.  

Before the Event:

  1. A W-9 is required to set up any new payees in the UC system. It is always required for outside visitors receiving honorarium. If you have already received reimbursements in the past then W-9 form is not needed.
  2. Create a sign in sheet with attendees and there affiation for the event. 

After the Event:

  1. Submit sign in sheet with attendees and there affiliation for the event. 
  2. Submit all itemized receipts.
  3. Fill Event Reimbursement Form and send to Debbie Kelly via email or in person.


Major Event Policy

As outlined in Policy 510-1 Section V.A. Policy on Major Events on campus, the specific criteria that identify a Major Event are as follows:

A Major Event includes an Event at which one or more of the following conditions apply:

(1)   The Event Sponsor anticipates over 100 persons are likely to attend; 

(2)   The event is a Dance, regardless of the number of anticipated attendees; or 

(3)   Alcohol is intended to be served at the Event.

In addition, the University has the authority to designate an Event to be a Major Event if it reasonably determines, based on the facts and circumstances, that more than 100 persons are likely to attend the Event or that the nature of the Event poses unusual security risks. If the University designates an Event as a Major Event, the University will give notice to the Event Sponsor and the Event Sponsor may contest that determination by submitting a written appeal in accordance with the appeals process specified in this policy.

All events require completion of the Events and Activities Intake Form and approval from the corresponding vice chancellor

As unit leaders, you are responsible for ensuring that all Major Events (as defined above) sponsored by your units are logged into the MEP system at least three weeks before the event is to occur. The MEP system will make the information about events available to campus offices that are responsible for safety, security, and other aspects of planning.

Meetings and Entertainment: Maximum Meal Expenses

See the maximum per-person allowances for meeting and entertainment expenses.

The maximum amount per person that can be reimbursed for allowable meeting and entertainment occasions varies depending on the meal: