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Anthropologists in Other Departments

Robert R. Alvarez (Ph.D. Stanford 1979)
Professor Emeritus, Ethnic Studies
U.S. schools, especially minority school drop-out rates; transnational markets; US-Mexico border.
Kathryn L. Creely (M.L.S University of Hawaii, 1979)
Curator, Tuzin Archive for Melanesian Anthropology; Subject Librarian (Anthropology, Archaeology, & Linguistics), UC San Diego Library.
Samantha Hurst (PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1997)
Associate Project Scientist, Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
Cross-cultural health and health practices, cultural competence in community healthcare delivery, ethnocultural aspects of psychological stress and trauma, and cultural and gender disparities in health.
Edwin L. Hutchins (Ph.D. UC San Diego 1978)
Professor, Cognitive Science
Cultural and cognitive anthropology, high tech workplaces; Melanesia, Oceania.
Martha Lampland (Ph.D. Chicago 1987)
Associate Professor, Sociology
Political economy, historical anthropology, feminist theory, socialist societies; Hungary, Europe.
Paula F. Levin (Ph.D. UC San Diego 1978)
Senior Lecturer, Education Studies
Education and culture, teaching and learning; Polynesia, Oceania.

Natalia Roudakova  (Ph.D. Stanford 2007)
Assistant  Professor, Communication
Comparative analysis of media systems, ethnographic research in communication, and anthropology of liberalism and secularism.
Betsy R. Strick (Ph.D. UC San Diego 1990)
Research and Evaluation Analyst, CREATE
Christena Turner (Ph.D. Stanford 1987)
Associate Professor, Sociology
Social inequality, culture and consciousness, symbols, popular culture, mass media; Japan, China, United States.
Lisa Yoneyama (Ph.D. Stanford 1993)
Associate Professor, Literature
Cultural Studies, U.S.-Japan Studies, Asian-American Studies, and Critical Gender Studies.
Ana Celia Zentella (Ph.D. Educational Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania)
Professor Emerita, Ethnic Studies
Anthro-Political Linguistics, Bilingualism, Child Language Socialization, Latino Spanish and English Dialects
Elana Zilberg (Ph.D. U. of Texas - Austin 2002)
Associate Professor, Communication