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In Memoriam

  • Roy D’Andrade

    Roy D’Andrade

    D’Andrade played an important role at UC San Diego as one of the founding members of the anthropology department, as a strong advocate of research bridging traditional disciplinary boundaries, and as a founder of the field of cognitive anthropology.

  • Frederick G. Bailey

    Frederick G. Bailey

    Founding Faculty of the Department of Anthropology

    Ph.D. Manchester 1954
    Social anthropology, political anthropology, bureaucracies; India, Europe. (Academic Senate Career Distinguished Teaching Award.)

  • Melford E. Spiro

    Melford E. Spiro

    UC San Diego Anthropology Department Founding Chair
  • Marc J. Swartz

    Marc J. Swartz

    American Anthropologist
  • Donald F. Tuzin

    Donald F. Tuzin

    Social Anthropolotist
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    Lola Romanucci-Ross

    Cultural Anthropologist
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    Theodore Schwartz

    Founding Faculty of the Department of Anthropology 

    Ph.D. Pennsylvania 1958

    Psychological anthropology, religion, sex, cultural evolution, cognition; Melanesia, Oceania, Mexico.