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Anthropology - Archaeology Concentration

Major Overview

The undergraduate program in anthropological archaeology incorporates comparative introductory courses; advanced theoretical and topical courses in our areas of expertise, field schools in Jordan, Israel, Peru, San Diego County and Puerto Rico, and archaeologically-oriented study abroad programs in Egypt, Mexico, Central America, Italy, Malta, and Spain.  Undergraduate students also may gain research experience working in our laboratories, through the Faculty Mentor Program, through Academic Internship Program (AIP) internships at the San Diego Museum of Man, San Diego Archaeological Center, and California State Parks, and through the Senior Honors program in Anthropology.

Course Requirements

3 Core Classes

  • ANTH 101: Foundations of Social Complexity (Fall)
  • ANTH 102: Humans Are Cultural Animals (Winter)
  • ANTH 103: Sociocultural Anthropology (Spring)

4 Upper Division Concentration Courses   

  • ArchaeologyANAR courses

5 Upper Division Electives

  • FIVE upper division Anthropology courses from any category.
    • *Students may apply one Independent Research course (ANTH 197, 198, 199) towards their major elective requirements.
    • ANTH 128A & B is a two course series and will count toward two upper division elective requirements

Additional Requirements:

  • Upper Division Residency Requirement: Students must complete a minimum of seven major courses at UC San Diego.
  • Overlaps: Lower division courses may overlap between your major, minor and college requirements. Students may overlap two upper division courses between your major and minor by submitting a request in the VAC (some courses may automatically overlap).
  • A maximum of four study abroad courses may be petitioned for credit toward the major.

Degree Check

In order to plan out your Anthropology major and remaining courses effectively, please utilize the Degree Check below. Students are encouraged to review their plan and progress with the Department's Undergraduate Advisor.

Archaeology Concentration Degree Check