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Minor in Anthropology - Climate Change and Human Solutions 


I. CORE REQUIREMENTS: (4 units/1 course)

All students will take the following:

  • ANTH 110: The Climate Change Seminar

II. Upper Division Concentration Requirements: (12 units/3 courses)

All students will take three of the following:

  • ANAR 104: Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • ANAR 146: Feeding the World
  • ANAR 166: Introduction to Environmental Archaeology: Theory and Method of Socioecodynamics and Human Paleoecology (cross-listed with SIO 166)
  • ANAR 120: Documenting Climate Change: Past and Present
  • ANAR 121: Cyber-Archaeology and World Digital Cultural Heritage
  • ANBI 132: Conservation and the Human Predicament
  • ANBI 174: Conservation and the Media: Film Lab
  • ANSC 134. Politics for Environmental Change
  • ANSC 138: The Cultural Design Practicum: Using Anthropology to Solve Human Problems
  • ANSC 144: Immigrant and Refugee Health
  • ANSC 147: Global Health and the Environment (cross-listed with GLBH 147)
  • ANSC 169: Culture and Environment 
  • ANSC 183: Visualizing the Human: Film, Photography, and Digital Technologies
  • ANSC 184: Food, Culture, and Society
  • ANSC 193 OR ANSC 193GS: (Global Seminar Course) Human Rights and Environmental Justice
  • ANTH 105: Climate Change, Race, and Inequality
  • ANTH 106: Climate and Civilization
  • ANTH 107: Designing for Disasters, Emergencies, and Extreme Weather
  • ANTH 108: Indigenous Peoples, Extractive Development, and Climate Change
  • ANTH 109.  Climate change, Cultural Heritage and Vulnerability
  • ANTH 111: Religion and Ecology: How Religion Matters in the Anthropocene
  • ANTH 112: Regenerative Science/Ecology
  • ANTH 120: Climate Change in California: Problems and Solutions
  • ANTH 128A & B (ANTH 128A & B is a two course series and will count towards two concentration requirements)

III. ELECTIVES REQUIREMENTS: (12 units/3 courses)

THREE electives Anthropology courses from any category.  Two elective courses may be lower division

*Anthropology Majors are unable to add an Anthropology Minor per department policy.