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Belinda Ramirez

Ph.D. Student

Belinda is a graduate student of sociocultural anthropology and works in San Diego County investigating the concepts of urban agriculture, sustainability, food (in)security, social movements, and political economy. This work builds off of her previous research. She has experience with ethnographic fieldwork in northern Thailand, where she analyzed the intersection between ethnicity, nationalism, religion, and recognition among a Hmong messianic religious group. She has also conducted linguistic and cultural fieldwork in the Ecuadorian Amazon, where she analyzed the spatial deixis of two dialects of lowland Kichwa as well as the political mobilization around indigenous (Kichwa) cosmology and human-nature relations. Her Master's Thesis, "An Anthropological Perspective: The Cultural, the Political, and the Ontological in Kichwa Studies," delved into popular and productive ways of studying Kichwa political cosmology.
M.A., Anthropology, University of California, San Diego, 2017
B.A., Anthropology, Brigham Young University, 2013