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Luke Stroth

In 2016, Luke Stroth left the cornfields of the Midwest to enter the UCSD graduate program in Anthropology, focusing on Anthropological Archaeology. His interests include archaeometry, lithic technologies, craft production and economic exchange. His current research is a description of the lithic assemblage from a Postclassic Site on the north coast of Honduras. Recent work in this relatively understudied region has shown how local development and identity articulate with foreign influences. Analysis of the assemblage reveals how a Mesoamerican lithic tradition is modified by local raw materials and technological choices. Future research will study the human-environment relationship for the Classic Maya in southern Belize. He has previously worked on Midwestern lithic and hot-rock technology, and excavated in Iowa, Belize, Peru, South Africa, and Chiapas. He received his B.A. from the University of Iowa in 2016 and will receive his M.A. from UCSD in Spring, 2018.