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Forms & Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the Anthropology eSubmission PDF for instructions on how to submit various forms to department advising.


Frequently Asked VAC Questions

Can I take my Anthropology major or minor courses for P/NP?

All courses applied toward the major and minor must be taken for a letter grade of C– or better.

Do I have to get a concentration in Anthropology for my major/minor?

At this time, students are not able to receive a general Anthropology major or minor. All students must decide which academic emphasis they wish to major/minor in either Archaeology, Biological, or Sociocultural.

How do I double major in Anthropology and….?

Please note you may only declare a double major once you have completed 90 UC units (junior standing) and have no more than 135 completed units. You must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Complete the double major petition form, then: 

  • Attach a quarter-by-quarter plan and a statement of purpose
  • Take your petition to the advisor for each major and obtain their signatures
    • Overlapped courses outside the Anthropology Department must be approved beforehand by presenting the course syllabus to the Director of Undergraduate studies via the Academic Advisor.
  • Submit the petition to your college academic advising office

For more information visit: How to Declare a Double Major (Undergraduates)

Can I overlap upper division courses between my major and minor?

Effective FA16, a student may apply the equivalent of two upper-division courses (a maximum of eight units) to fulfill the requirements for a minor that have also been used to satisfy the requirements of a major.  

Double Minors:

  • You may overlap up to two upper division electives between your major and each minor.
  • You may not overlap upper division courses between double minors.

DARS automatically overlaps two upper division courses on your degree audit that are compatible between your major and minor. If you would like to change or reject those courses then you will need to email your minor department in the VAC to request the changes.

What are my chances of getting into a course if I am on the waitlist?

Unfortunately, there is no way for the Program to know your chances of getting into a class. It is highly recommended you enroll in a back-up course in case you are not added. The waitlist is all automated and makes its final update on the Friday of Week 2 at 12:00a.m.; if you were not automatically added from the waitlist by Friday morning, you will no longer be considered to be on the waitlist as the waitlist no longer exists.

How do I request for a prerequisite waiver?

Students can submit a Course Pre-authorization Request in order to gain clearance for enrollment to a course.

Do I have to take my class for letter grade?

All courses that are to be applied to the Anthropology major or minor must be taken for a letter grade.  The only exception is if you enroll in ANTH 199, which may only be taken P/NP.  Please note, ANTH 199 can only apply towards the major once.

How can I contact an advisor?

You may contact the Anthropology Advisor via VAC or by going to Walk-In Advising Hours listed on the Undergraduate Advising page.

Where can I get help on writing term papers?

FAQ: Exams and Grades

Can I repeat a course?

  • You may only repeat grades of “D” “F” and “NP”.
  • You may repeat a maximum of 16 units.
  • The original grade earned remains on the transcript, but will not factor into your GPA if it is successfully repeated later.
  • If a student exceeds 16 units of repeat coursework, future repeated course grades will be averaged together.
  • If you receive a “D”, “F”, or ”W” in a sequential course, DO NOT enroll in the subsequent course. You must successfully repeat the first course in order to continue in the sequence. NOTE: This is NOT true of MMW; you may continue in the sequence and re-take MMW 1 at a later date. A “D” grade is considered passing and will complete the requirement.

Find more information here

What if I believe the grade I receive is an error?

Problems with grades should be discussed with the instructor of the class or TA of the section. If you are having a serious conflict with an instructor, please bring your situation to the attention of the undergraduate coordinator. You must speak with the undergraduate coordinator before you make an appointment with the department chair.

What should I do if I do not receive a grade in a course that I attended?

Contact the professor as soon as possible to see why you did not receive a grade. In most cases, it is a simple clerical error that requires your professor to assign your grade online. Please note that blank grades will default to an F/NP if it is not assigned a grade by the end of the next quarter.

Where can I pick up my final exam?

If you have signed the Buckley Waiver, your exam will be placed in the Final Exam Cabinet - where exams from the previous quarter may be retrieved 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cabinet is located on the 2th floor of the Social Sciences Building near the faculty wing, beginning the Wednesday after finals week and continuing until the end of the following quarter.

Please note: Exams without a Buckley Waiver will be available for pick up from the instructor.

If I am seriously ill and cannot take my final, what should I do?

Contact your professor as soon as possible to discuss the options that they will allow. If your professor agrees to let you take an Incomplete in the course, a Request for Incomplete form must be processed prior to the end of finals week. If you are unable to fill out the Incomplete form, you may ask your professor to generate the form on your behalf. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with their professor the following quarter, to see when and how the work should be completed. Failure to do so will result in an F grade for the course.